Unveiling the Advantages of a 3-Stage Air Filter

Air filters are an indispensable part of many industrial and commercial operations, providing clean and breathable air for spray booths, plasma cutters, and other equipment. The SST MEGAFLOW and Sharpe 6760 are two examples of 3-stage air filters that offer superior filtration and long-term performance. But what is a 3-stage air filter?A 3-stage air filter is a type of filtration system that consists of three distinct stages. The first stage is usually a blue pre-filter that eliminates large particles such as dust, dirt, and debris.

This helps to protect the other stages from becoming clogged or damaged. The second stage is typically a red coalescent filter with a micron rating of 0.01 μm. This filter captures oil, water, and particles larger than 0.0001 mm. The third stage is a green activated carbon filter that captures any remaining biological particles, oil vapor, and odors.

This provides clean air that can be filtered down to 0.003 ppm for the most demanding applications. The SST MEGAFLOW is an example of a 3-stage air filter with a monoblock aluminum body and premium hardware designed to last for years. It is factory assembled and tested for flow, operation, leak, and pressure up to 15 bar. It also does not contain silicone, making it ideal for spray booth air. The Sharpe 6760 is another 3-stage desiccant drying system with 26% air filtration. It removes raw water and contaminants up to 3 microns in size in the first stage, oil vapor and contaminants up to 1 micron in the second stage, and remaining moisture in the third stage.

This ensures the supply of clean and dry compressed air to the plasma cutter.3-stage air filters provide superior filtration for many industrial and commercial applications. They are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance required. They are also factory tested for flow, operation, leak, and pressure up to 15 bar. If you are looking for an efficient way to provide clean and breathable air for your equipment or workspace, then a 3-stage air filter may be the perfect solution.

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